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    It was a night tide and soon after we went to bed Mr Peggotty

    fortune for you, if you had been fond of someone else—of someone

    ‘Oh! then this is not my natural manner?’ she rejoined ‘Now

    I could hear Peggotty crying softly on her side of the keyhole, as

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    one of us that she’s growed up among, not one of us that’s lived

    keep an eye on the beloved one’

    then that I left it, never to return We travelled very slowly all

    When we had those meetings in the garden of the square, and

    of him They would have talked to me too, but I held back, and

    The drawback was, that I was often sleepy at night, or out of

    life, while he was by; my hand shook at the very thought of it I

    ‘For no better reason, truly, than because I was thinking,’ he

    ‘David Copperfield all over!’ cried Miss Betsey ‘David

    ‘Think, ma’am,’ I rapturously began, ‘oh!—’

    to come in and win, but what with his table-spoon to my tea-spoon,

    man, who had put down some burden on the smooth snow, to

    her calm untroubled youth, and cancelled all the rest

    playground was a bare gravelled yard, open to all the back of the

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    virtue of which I have seen several marriages annulled), of which

    remained at school

    I was about indignantly to give my assertion the confirmation

    ‘Trust me no more, but trust me no less, than you would trust a

    We made a pause at the toy shop in Fleet Street, to see the

    ‘You said it was Rudderford,’ observed Ham, laughing

    ‘young gal’ likewise occasioned me some uneasiness: not so much


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