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    ‘It’s very strange,’ said Mr Dick, with a despondent look upon

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    ‘my gardener’, several times I seemed to pay the deepest attention

    it had looked in the window, though in the grain of it there was

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    before any was needed I proposed Steerforth’s health I said he

    humility, and apologized to me for giving her son a kiss, observing

    David Copperfield

    I shook hands with Mr Peggotty, and passed into the kitchen,

    chair for me at the table, and saying, very affably, ‘Now, six-foot!

    didn’t stop At last she came here, apprenticed for three years

    David Copperfield

    Dora to sing Red Whisker would have got the guitar-case out of

    work, as it was his custom to walk about in the daytime with his

    and had made acquaintance, he said, with half the boatmen in the

    and we went ours through the still evening and the dying light,

    Littimer behind to see it done, that I may know she is quite

    in guineas and half-guineas; two hundred and ten pounds, in

    particulars for my especial behoof, and as a piece of confidence in

    to be so mean and servile to a man of such parts and pretensions!

    having done so was rising to my lips But for the reluctance I had

    innumerable Once, I kiss Miss Shepherd in the cloak-room

    replying to both these questions in the negative, it occurred to me

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    Copyright opened Mr Barkiss mind to an amazing extent I told him all I