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    among flowery meadows laying down our heads on moss at night

    only pretty well I haven’t much to boast of If I could see my Uriah

    ‘What a bad disposition you have, Peggotty!’ returned my

    again, before going out

    arrived before ‘the half’ was many weeks old; and with it a cake in

    ‘Well?’ said I

    her, until I went with Steerforth into his room to say Good night

    This argument had some share in quieting my mother, though

    ‘There’s a friend, if you talk of friends! Why, Lord love my heart

    she said it, preyed upon my mind all the time I was dressing; and

    particular just at present—no male person, at least’

    ‘Oh dear, yes, Copperfield! I mean it,’ replied Traddles ‘It was

    ‘I say,’ returned Mr Micawber, quite forgetting himself, and

    ever had taken place between Dora and me At last, arrayed for

    ‘Miss Murdstone,’ I returned, ‘I think you and Mr Murdstone

    business and resources, now our domestic life after dinner; now,

    David Copperfield

    It made a great impression on me, and I remembered it a long

    countries, and I cast away in the middle of them I felt it was

    upon the night when I first darkened Mr Peggotty’s door

    ‘Made out of a boat, is it?’ said Steerforth ‘It’s the right sort of a

    me, with a pleasant face; and when he had concluded, proposed to

    He showed me that it was covered with manuscript, very closely

    wrinkled in all directions!—at the little house with a thatched roof,

    somewhere), is the most extraordinary thing!’

    hair with his great hard hand, ‘that it can’t abear the sorrer of this

    the cart, and the donkey, were all equally mad; and I was quite out


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