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    Clara Peggotty Barkis he returned and burst into a roar of

    ‘But the fame—’ I was beginning

    ‘Why do you bring division between these two mad creatures?’

    ‘Davy,’ said my mother ‘What’s the matter?’

    sitting on the step of an empty shop at a street corner, near the

    There was no hurry, he said; a week hence would do; and his

    the prettiest and most engaging little fairy in the world I admire

    This reminds me, not only that I expected Traddles on a certain

    established on a sufficiently strong basis to bear, without being

    in the morning, with herself and Mr Barkis in the cart They left

    not to see her, and rode past the house pretending to be anxiously

    with having done him an injury; and I would have made him any

    It’s nat’ral in young folk, Mas’r Davy, when they’re new to these

    utmost efforts were unable to shut up, she had shown me the

    ‘Gentlemen, I have shown you my heart I am sure you will

    has been soured, remember, and ought not to be tried’

    Uriah ‘I hope I see you well! I am rejoiced to see you, Mister

    I suppose I looked doubtful, for she added:

    shown to the Henry Spikers, male and female; which Agnes told

    was gone in a moment I never saw a man so thoroughly enjoy

    The young creature in pink had a mother in green; and I rather

    domestic, cannot live upon air’

    ‘And I do suppose, now,’ said Mr Peggotty, looking at me

    My aunt went on with a quiet enjoyment, in which there was

    of several hands, and made it difficult to arrive at any very


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